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Five Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

Here are some simple tips to maintain the cleanliness of your hot tub.  A few to do daily, weekly and monthly.  It won't take you long and it will help avoid bigger problems and keep you Hot Tub ready for your enjoyment.

Because of the heat, Hot tubs can be havens for bacteria and algae growth. Sanitizing on a scheduled basis will help keep algae and bacteria growth in check.


Tip #1: Check the filter daily and keep this clean. Filters are trap all kinds of junk - their purpose. Shake out the filter and replace it.

Tip #2: Right after checking the filter, check the water's PH. It should be between 7.4 and 7.6. Abnormal PH water can cause skin irritation and also affect algae growth.

Tip #3: Clean the water line daily - Use a safe chemical (check with us - All Brevard Hot Tubs). If you wait until a ring develops it will take much longer. Cleaning the water line daily keeps the hot tub looking and feeling clean.accessory-cleaner

These three daily tips should take less than 5 minutes - time well spent.


Tip #4: Check the chemicals. Do not use Chlorine - it evaporates too quickly and thus its effectivness. Refer to the manufacturer's recommendation which will normally be Bromine


Tip #5: Monthly or bi-monthly check the calcium hardness which should be between 100-200 MG/I. The calcium in the water can create a encrust on the filter and cause water lines. Note: Some water sources must have calcium added.

These simple tips will keep your hot tub clean. Maintaining a hot tub is much like a swimming pool - but much smaller - and quicker.

Customer Testimonial

What a Merry Christmas!

We bought our tub on Christmas Eve from All Brevard Hot Tubs and they actually delivered it the same day! We were all in our new tub on Christmas morning. What a wonderful present.

Mike and Kelly S. – Melbourne, FL

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